onyouart_800x800Chicago is known for its many fanciful neighborhoods, regional food traditions, classic waterfront, harsh winters, and rich history of blues. But the rock scene is a fairly dominating element, with names like Wilco, Ministry, Cheap Trick, and The Smashing Pumpkins boasting about their home city of Chicago, IL as their starting place.

The newest bunch of musical blokes to recently emerge is a trendy rock foursome from the south side. Blindspt is made up of frontman Jammie Bosstel, Trent Harlem on guitar, Colin Morris on bass, and drummer Dan Hill. 

With a sound hailing the influences of classic rock bands such as Motley Crue, The Rolling Stones, and Queen, Blindspt celebrates the October 20 release of their new single ‘On You.’

“We’ve got a band that sounds like a freight train coming through your living room while you’re watching a daytime soap opera and eating leftover meatloaf,” says Hill. WPL_M4xbr0p2BFKl3QuXgnuKFhFJIt0Fd1Tdjl_RI-k

Recorded at Stonecutter Studios in the heart of the windy city, the band worked diligently alongside notorious engineer and producer Chris Steinmetz (Alice In Chains, Madonna) to form a sound worthy of its Chicago-founded rock and roll contemporaries. 

The band will spend the remainder of 2015 busting out some quality focus on the completion of their EP, as well as gearing up for the new year which will include a slew of tour dates and fresh merchandise.

“We’re really stoked about the future of this band. We have our foot on the gas right now, and exciting things are starting to happen,” continues Hill, who also sheds some light on what to expect from Blindspt.

“We’ve been on bills with Saliva, Quiet Riot, Puddle Of Mudd, Finger 11, and people will hunt us down after the show telling us how they havent heard something like that in a while, and they wanna hear more. Well, they will. And it’s going to be loud.”

‘On You’ is available on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.

Google Play:

Official Site:

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